Safety Equipment PPE Vending Machines

Personal Protection Equipment distribution made easy!

PPE Vending Machines

PPE vending machines allow customers to dispense PPE products such as goggles, glasses and gloves ( to name a few products) from a vending machine.

Smart Cards

The machines are accessed by the use of a smart card which is issued by the employer to each employee or contractor.

Each “sale” is recorded in real time and the system provides usage reports by period and real time re-stocking information.

Secure Access – Tailored Dispensing

The machines can be used with Mifare cards or NAYAX security access cards.

Machines with NAYAX readers can also have a pin pad added so that job numbers can be added at the time a product is dispensed. This enables management to bill out PPE products to specific jobs.

We also have machines tailored to dispense chemicals in aerosol cans.

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