Rent, Lease or Buy Vending Machines

Rent or Lease Inventory Vending Machines

Rent, Lease or Purchase?

  • To be competitive in today’s marketplace having the latest in technology puts you at an advantage.
  • Vending businesses are capital intensive enterprises and you need working capital solutions when buying the highest cost item in vending, The Machine!!
  • Renting or leasing machines is a good way to mitigate your initial investment expense.
  • There is no question that owning your machines is less expensive in the long run.
  • We understand vendor supplied financing is a convenient method to acquire the equipment you need without lengthy credit application process.
  • We work with highly reputable lenders and financiers who are familiar with the vending model
  • In addition we are happy to assist you with the following financing options

Installment Plans

6 Month Terms

Approved accounts can pay a machine off interest free over a 6 month period of pre authorised direct debits.This kind of arrangement is ideal for businesses who are able to pay for their machine purchases with short term business cashflow.

Machine Rentals

3 Year and Greater Terms

Long term rental contracts are available with end term purchase options. Ideal for building business and cashflow sufficient to purchase the machine after a fixed term.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Get in touch with us, let’s find out exactly what you need so we can structure the ideal payment plan that suits your business model.