Combination Drink and Snack Machines

Now sell drinks, snacks and food, all from ONE machine!

Drink and Snack Vending Machines

TCN D720 Combination Vending Machines

Few sights warrant separate snack and drink machines – as costs to have both are prohibitive and returns are negligible.

The answer is the D720 combo machine.

This machines offers:

  • Reliable, cost effective options
  • Dispense a larger variety of drinks (in cans and bottles)
  • Dispense a larger variety of snacks

Add this to your suite of machines and give your clients a variety of options.

All machines are supplied standard with a NRI C2 Currenza 6 tube coin mechanism and a GBA note reader.

Personalised video screens also come as a standard option at no additional charge.

Cash-Less Payment System

Do you find your customer’s complaining about not having any cash on them these days?

The D 720 can help you beat that problem by offering a cash-less payment system. While notes and coins can still be used for this machine, it also accepts credit and debit cards.

This means you can now offer your customers 3 ways to pay, coins notes and cards.

Benefits Of This System

Beyond it’s customized selection, each machine comes standard with a coin mechanism, note reader and LED screen at no additional charge. Credit card readers can also be added.

Other benefits include

  • 90-degree door that opens easily and allows instant access to your materials
  • High-capacity Can tray option
  • Incredible refrigeration and “chill” transfer for maximum efficiency
  • Custom delivery bin that suits your unique needs
  • An impressive and advanced control panel that is easy to understand
  • LED screen that can be customised for your Company’s contact information or client specific messages.
  • Free machine telemetry (excluding monthly monitoring fees) when the credit card option is added to the machine.

Two-Year Warranty

IVS offers all of its machines with an incredible two-year parts warranty that will protect you from loss if your machine breaks down or needs repairs. This warranty applies to breakdowns that are not caused by a mistake on your part or an installation error.

The IVS Promise To You

IVS is a supplier that is dedicated to providing high-quality machines to its customers and has made a series of promises that they stick to with every vending machine they sell. These promises include:
  • Confidence and Reliability
  • Service and Support
  • Intelligent Design
  • Value for Money
  • Where You Need It, When You Need It
These promises are designed to protect you and your investment by providing high-quality products and service.

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